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Serratelli Western Fur Felt (Cowboy) Hats

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These are the finest western (or cowboy if you please) hats, Proudly Made in the USA. They are hand-finished from the finest furs available.

These hats are made to last for many years. Our family wears them every day. We have several that are over 50 years old! (Proper 'care and feeding' are essential of course.) Naturally, fur felt cowboy or western hats are more expensive than department store knock-offs, but they are an investment that can last a lifetime. Please choose wisely!

These cowboy or western hats are made in the USA by Serratelli Hats. Serratelli is a family owned and operated hat maker with over 100 years of experience!

North Sea Traders has had experience with many brands, but have chosen to sell Serratelly hats exclusively. Serratelli provides the finest hats for the best value anywhere.

Extreme care is taken by each Serratelli craftsperson to assure that each cowboy hat has consistent color, shape, texture, and size. Each hat is individually inspected at the factory. These are truly the "ultimate" hats. We are not selling anything but the highest quality.

Please feel free to browse. We are showing the line to allow you to make an informed choice. The pictures shown are examples of hats in each grade of felt. To find out what styles are currently available, please call (302) 239-2700 or email us.

100X Border III Chocolate
100X Texan II Mist Gray
100X El Emperador Silver Belly
100X Pacifico Black
100x Lo Maximo Silver Belly


20X Abiline Black
20X Horshoe Natural
20X Sonoma Tusk
20X Tyler Buckskin


10X Santa Rosa Black
10X Altura Silver Belly
10X Elko Buckskin
10X Galeno Mist Gray
10X Guadalupe Crystal
10X Pay Dirt Black


10X Greenfield Black
10X Paydirt Platinum
8X Alexander Black
8X Alexander Tusk
10X Paydirt Platinum
8X Beaumont Stone
8X Alexander Tusk


8X Alexander Black
8X Broken Bow Buckskin
8X Cattleman Black
8X Las Cruces White
8X Border III Olive
8X Ocala Crystal
6X Twister Black


6X Ribbon Band Bound Brim Gus Chocolate

6X Del Rio Mist Gray
6X Latigo Buckskin
6X Longhorn Black
6X Longhorn Silver Belly
6X Hobbs Platinum
6X Pocatello Pecan


6X Mesquite Black
6X Red Rock Buckskin
6X Saginaw Desert
6X Stockton Mink


North Sea Traders is proud to sell only the finest Cowboy Hats, Western Hats, and Dress Hats. When we say the finest, we mean Serratelli Hats. They are made from the best fur felt. There is no better hat than a Serratelli and they have been proving it for over 100 years!

North Sea Traders

Proud Purveyors of Quality Goods Since 1973

Hats are priced by felt quality.
8X Velvet$360N/A
20X Suede$480N/A
100X Suede$645N/A
Pure Beaver$845$845
Diamond Suede$945N/A

As usual, free, that's right-FREE shipping on all orders over $100.00 in the continental US.

We also ship internationally! Please add the following shipping, handling and customs documentation costs to these countries:

Australia = $US 125.00

Germany = $US 90.00

Canada = $US 75.00

(Please contact us for other International Shipping costs. All prices are in $U.S.)

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